Arunchal: Taba Tadir lays foundation stone of Nyokum Namlo at new Pitapol



Urban Development Chief Engineer cum Director Taba Tedir while laying the foundation stone of Nyokum Namlo (Place/building for performing all ritual and local traditional programme)  at New Pitapol near CO Office lauded the people for mass participation in the Pre Nyokum festival.

He said that our tradition is our culture, we should not forget to celebrate our festival which is a symbol of our rich traditional and cultural value of our community and tribe in general. We are known by our tradition and culture and we need to pass on to our younger generation for reservation of our identity.

He said that “the foundation stone laid today and the work have already started so that the festival and other cultural and programmes may be done in the circle would be held here. This celebration is a part of golden jubilee mega festival Nyokum celebration which would be held at Yazali on February 26.

we have to show our love and respect to guest who should be treated as next to god. Guest and visitors who visit the area will have lots of significant in terms of economic development and the most important they went back with lots of memories of our tradition and culture which shall be our gift and the best way for advertisement of our traditional and cultural value and diversity of our ethnicity, he added.

Special guest local businessmen Chukhu Tajo, New Pitapol ASM Tao Ana, festival organising committee Secretary Taba Rantu and several others also address the gathering.

NES President and CNC Chairman Bengia Tolum, Vice Chairman Tadar Yedir, PItapol CO Likha Radh, Urban Development Deputy Director S C Maru, PWD AE NL Togu and others among several cultural troop and local people of the area were present on the occasion.


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