Arunachal: Young Boy Climbs High Mobile Tower


A young boy today early morning climbed a high mobile tower near Directorate of Horticulture office without any reason while family members astonished on his act.

A graduate students from Delhi University Yorum Gangkap son of Yorum Tari,  local resident of Gohpur Tinali  climbed a high  mobile tower early morning and the family members were even not known , the family members were later informed by the onlookers who tried to call the police at the Dial 100,  which do not response immediately  as they alleged .

The family sources said that the boy who completed his graduation from DU recently come back and there was no issue of his act, there was no personal quarrel among the brother and sister and other family member and the reason for climbing is not known to them. However he is fond of drinking. The family member said.

The local residents and family members of Yoru Gangkap  alleged that  the mobile companies left many mobile tower without barricading and fencing , due to that reason many mishaps have been experienced in several places of the state.

They also refer to death of a person last year from a mobile tower near Donyi Polo Hearing Impaired School, and there may be chances of many such incident in future.

The capital district administration should issue strong instructions to all Mobile operators  in this regard.

When contacted capital SP Sagar Singh Kalsi while said that the family members of the boy Yorum Gangkap have inform that there was no reason to climb such a high Towner. However the boy get down with the help of the family members and relative after sometime.


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