Arunachal: YMFCR launches clean Senki river drive


Youth Mission for Clean River- Arunachal Pradesh (YMFCR-AP) carried out a mass Clean River Drive near the river banks and tributaries of Senki River at Chandanagar Bridge and ITBP camp, Itanagar today.


Clean River Mission a campaign initiated by YMFCR-AP to create awareness on protecting rivers is an attempt to stabilize the growing pollution in rivers and to revitalize them.

Hundreds of YMFCR volunteers joined hand together to clean river Senki which is being used by the resident of Itanagar capital city and turned into a diluted river for last two decades.

The clean river drive carried out from 7 am onwards to 1 pm in the afternoon and the garbage was carried away with the help of Itanagar Municipal Council garbage truck.

However, disappointed with the non-participant of local denizens despite the appeals, Chairman, YMCR-AP, SD Loda said that from the morning we are cleaning river beds but, none came forward to join us apart from being a sheer spectator. People are lacking strong civic sense and awareness of protecting its environment.

If one can see the rivers and stream of capital you will find piles of garbage and litters in the banks, stated Loda.

Further Loda informed that the program is self-initiated without any government aid or from any organizations, and said that it would be very humble if any support is being extended from the State Government for such noble cause.

Later, he also appealed the twin capital citizens to join the Clean River initiation in the next clean drive.

IMC Councillor Gora Tallang who also participated the clean Senki river today also appeal the local citizens to join hands in cleanness drive so that due to haphazardly throwing of garbage the bank of river has been made dirty instead of giving away to IMC vehicle which come every day to collect from all Wards of the IMC area of Capital complex.

He further appeal one and all to extend the support the mission.


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