Arunachal: WSU expresses concern over fee ​of ST/PRC certificate

LONGDING-   The Wancho Students’ Union (WSU) has expressed concern over the different charges of fee for ST/PRC certificates at DC office Longding and ADC office Kanubari.

In a latter, the union informed to the DC Longding, about the grievances of the people of Longding  regarding this different  fee structure  for issuing of  Schedule Tribe (ST)  and Permanent Resident certificate from the district administration .

It is mention here that ” after the recent modifications in the part XVIII of the Schedule of the constitution wherein it is said that certificates now need to be issued only as “ wancho” instead of suffixing ‘other naga’; many wanted to change their certificates”.

“The repetition in changing of documents are somehow exorbitant for the bonafide citizen of the district. This will be the third consecutive time which we have changing or updating the following documents”.  informed , Pongngoi Joham , President  WSU.

Besides this people are facing lots of hardship to availing the certificate due to the distance from the villages. Apart from that, the daily wage earner are facing many difficulties to earn Income for the same as the means of communication was interrupted so far.

After the discussion with the ADC, Kanubari the fee charges has reduced from Rs 50/- to Rs 30/-.  But in district headquarter , the fee is still Rs 50/- for issuing ST/PRC certificates.

The union requested the DC longding to ascertain the grievances of the people’s and ensure for the concession of ST and PRC certificate fees on specific ground.

Meanwhile,  The district administration has called a meeting on Sep,21 to discuss the issue and hoping that after that meeting the fee charges may be reduced, inform an officer from DC office.

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