Arunachal: World mental health day celebrated at Midpu mental hospital

Midpu: World mental health day celebrated at Midpu mental hospital with a pledge to serve the humanity. This year the theme was “ mental health for all, greater investment- greater access, everyone-everywhere”.

The day is very important for us who are specially dealing with the people who are suffering from several issue like mental trauma, depreciation and mentally ill and we should always maintain helping nature with a smile. Said state programme on Mental health and Mental hospital Incharge Dr. Hanyia Payee.

Dr. Hanyia, because of the recent Covid Pandemic people has started realizing that how important is to maintain mental health and the service which is very much required. Mental health has already been there,  it is an integral parts  of health care system and we should not think to have a pandemic for realization. He said.

He further appeal all citizens to join and support the government, organization and people who are working to make the mental health a priority in community throughout the nation and we can make a difference.

Dipak Nabam, chairman  Dipak Nabam Living Home, said that servicing the much needy people is the work of god and I am happy to serve such needy people since 2006.

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The most important is to create mass awareness among the society to save the hundreds of youthful life which are being destroyed due to drug addiction. Nabam said.

Dr.  Arati Namchoom,  Dr. Magung Pangkam,  SMO Dr. Y Sindik, SMO Dr. O G Bui, Dr. H Mai among other also share their views, advice and suggestion for keeping mental health for all.


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