Arunachal: Workshop on crystallography Inaugurated


Arunachal Pradesh science centre, Sate Council for Science and technology, department of Science and Technology Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh  is observing science week by organising four days workshop on “crystallography, at the premises of Innovation hub I.G park Itanagar.

The programme was graced by C.D Mungyak Director cum member Secretary of A.P state council for science and technology, with three other members; Dr. Dev prasad Dev HOD Himalayan University Jullang, Dr. suprakash Roy Assistant Professor, Department of Science & Humanities, Technical Education and Training, Govt. of west Bengal and Bamang Apo Scientist ’C’ department of Science and Technology Itanagar with the students participants from holy cross school, Himalayan university, NERIST, innovation hub members and from others governments School.

The objective of the workshop is hands – on demonstration of crystallisation process of atom or molecules. It is a tool for teaching general chemistry concepts as well as general research techniques without ever having a student determine a crystal structure.

In his Inaugural address C.D. Mungyak, Director cum Member Secretary, A.P. State Council for Science & Technology, elaborate that the crystallography is a branch of science that deals with descerning the arrangement and bonding of atoms in crystalline solids and with geometric structure of crystal lattice. And he also briefed the  importance of crystallography in day to day life such as in the field of pharmaceutical industries, crystal ornament industries and he urges the students to reap maximum advantage of workshop.

Dr. Suprakash Roy resource person throw a light on the enormous importance importance of crystallography in different fields of our life such as: classically, the optical properties of crystals were of value in mineralogy, using X-ray crystallography, chemists are able to determine the internal structures and bonding arrangements of minerals and molecules including the structures of large complex molecules, such as proteins and DNA.

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