Arunachal: WASE appeals for IMFL and drugs free Panchayat election

PASIGHAT- (  By Maksam Tayeng):  The Women Against Social Evils(WASE) has appealed for an IMFL ( Alcohol  ) and Drug free election during this ensuing Panchayat and Municipal election to be held on 22nd  December 2020 next in order to save youths from falling prey to easy Indian Made Foreign Liquor (wine) available during the time of election which are mostly offered by contesting candidates.


WASE started spreading awareness and campaigning for an alcohol free election by maintaining the SoPs for COVID-19 from 7th December 2020 and has put up appeal posters in every contesting candidate’s house urging them to support the WASE in minimizing the IMFL menace in the society. The appeal poster is one in local Adi language for the youth appealing them why WASE mothers are asking the youth not to take alcohol, and the other one in English for the contesting candidate  telling them who they are for the mothers.

WASE mothers has appealed each and every candidate of every party including the independent candidates for alcohol free election and also appealed them to maintain the SoPs for COVID-19 during this election time. WASE mothers also appeals all the voters not to ask for money, alcohol, fuel, mobile recharge etc from the contesting candidates, said Yamik Dulom Darang, WASE President.

Women Against Social Evils mothers has covered all the Municipal Wards and Panchayat Segments total of which is 16 Councilor ward candidates and 29 ZPM candidates, informed WASE General Secretary, Joya Tasung Moyong.


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