Arunachal: Wangki Lowang emphasis need of protection of tradition and culture

Minister PHED Wangki Lowang today emphasis the need of preservation of tradition and culture for protection of our identity.


Minister PHED Wangki Lowang today emphasis the need of preservation of tradition and culture for protection of our identity.

He was addressing a huge gathering of AKA (Hrusso) community and locals on the occasion of the 46th Nyetrii-Dow Festival here as chief guest. He said that time have come and there is a need to passed on our deep rooted traditional valued and culture of our tribal community to our children so that it is preserved and our traditional value and culture is maintained. He said that we should also insist our children to speak our own dialects otherwise we may loos our identity in time to come.

He thanked the NFC-committee for warm welcome and extravaganza Culturally motivated programmes.

Responding to memorandum submitted by the NFC for construction of festival ground and sports complex and protection from soil erosion by the river Lowang said that he will take up the matter with Chief Minister soon.

Social worker Miali Sangchoju attended as guest of honour and he too stressed the need of promotion of tradition and culture for preservation of tribal identity and motivated the locals.

Local MLA Kumsi Sidisow briefed about the week long celebration programme which have been participated by the community in large numbers and enjoyed the cultural extravaganza with great enthusiasm. He also elaborated his works in the area in the greater interest of the general public.

15th of Nov. 2018 witnessed the Sacrificial Day of the Nyetrii-Dow Festival. it was graced by Wangki Lowang Minister of PHED as Chief Guest and  Miali Sangchoju Ex-ZPM Nafra as the Guest of Honour in the presence of Kumsi Sidisow Local MLA cum Chief Patron of the Festival and the Executive Members of Aka (Hrusso) Elite Society.

NFC Chairman Lama Sidisow, General Secretary Tenzing Dususow and executive Member  Gidu Delusow also spoke on the occasion. Bhalukpong EAC T. Riba and all HoDs, local leaders and other were present on the occasion.

Earlier the Nyetrii-Dow Festival Celebration was inaugurated on November 10 by Dirang MLA Phurpa Tsering Mama Seppa MLA Natung in the presence of the local MLA cum Chief Patron Kumsi Sidisow.

All Indigenous Tribe Forum (AITF) members led by its President Bengia Tolum and several Community based organisation (CBOs) also attuned the function of November 13 cultural night and interacted with the local committees and other members of the festival committee.

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