Arunachal: Taliha MLA distributes Ration to 600 people stranded in Itanagar

Itanagar– More than 600 people of Talhia assembly constituency of Upper Subansiri district who are stranded in capital complex due to nationwide lockdown were given away with ration items by their MLA.

Hundreds of people who visited capital region area owing to various works and other reason were stuck down due to nationwide lockdown. The stranded people are now facing lots of problem as they cant go to market to buy items and ration and also due of exhausted of cash in hands. informed Taliha MLA Nyato Rigia.

‘I being the local MLA of the Taliha Assembly constituency and being the social responsibility I have managed something from my side for them.

The ration items which include Rice 25 KG per head, mustard oil, salt and potato etc’. the youths leaders of my constituency has been entrusted for the distribution and so far they have distributed to 600 people of Taliha area residing in various parts of capital complex. Rigia added.

He further appeal all section of society to obey the guidelines and direction of health department and administration so that we can save ourselves from the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and remain safe.

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