Arunachal: Strategic road link facilitates Armed Force & Civilian at Chaglagam bordering China

Tezu-  In a comprehensive approach to augment strategic road infrastructure, Border Road Organization (BRO) has been working under innumerable hurdles to link 25 Km road communication from Chaglagam to Rochom in Anjaw district bordering China.

It is a strategic link towards the Line of Actual Control (LAC). The BRO has deployed men and machineries at Chaglagam which is situated at altitude of 17000 feet above mean sea level.


Tough mountain rocks are the critical challenge to build road, nevertheless 116 RCC under the 48 BRTF Demwe has been clearing all obstacles to accomplish the target.

So far over 7 Km distance are cleared and rest 18 Km attempt to be covered within this winter season,” informs the sources.

This strategic link road would ease supplies, including rations, constructional material and medicines as well as for easy movement of both Armed Force and civilian.

Meanwhile, the McMahon line (which demarcates India-China border) is at a distance of approximately 75 km from Chaglagam.

The terrain is thickly vegetated and all movements are undertaken on foot along the watercourse and streams.

During monsoons whenever the streams are in high spate, temporary bridges are constructed by the patrols Armed Force.


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