Arunachal: State BJP President ignores the guideline of mask wearing and  Social distancing- Alleged APCC

Itanagar- Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee(APCC) has alleged that ” State BJP President Biyuram Wahge ignores the strict guideline on mask wearing and  Social distancing  by  grouping and crowding during a programme in Sagalee on Monday.

Mina Toko, General Secretary cum Spokesperson, APCC in a press statement condemned Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) for being superficial, . BJP State Branch  has overruled the lockdown announcement and SOPs released by State government  recently at inauguration of BJP mandal office at Sagalee, stated Mina . 

Mina in a press statement stated that  ” When there is continues rise of COVID19 cases in  the   state, Biyuram Wahge  President, State BJP  ignores the strict guideline on mask wearing and  Social distancing  by  grouping and crowding during the programme”  Further he made an childish statement that  ‘it is difficult to maintain social distancing at tribal state’ when states like Mizoram and Sikkim  is successfully following SOPs. Such irrational disclosure very much explains the failure of BJP ruled government in Arunachal Pradesh. It has also  exposed how BJP government (state)  has failed in attempt to control the spread of COVID19, stated  Mina Toko.

Mina further stated  that ” APCC  urged that our State government should seriously consider,  that across the world health experts were of the unanimous opinion that lockdown is not for gearing  poll activities, ignoring development work, endorsing black marketing by making price  rise on essential commodities and utilities.

Infact it is a  “pause button” which can help state government in providing the time to improve health infrastructure specially number of ventilator equipped beds, supply of quality PPEs, Insurance provisions for health workers, safety measures for other frontline worker,  supervision of CHC,PHC,SC in rural  areas, distribution  of essential  commodities in remote and border areas and also to cross check the utilisation of CM Care/Relief  Funds for COVID19.

APCC suggests that In the situation when Two COVID19 deaths are recorded , the state government should gear up with  the availability of ventilators sincerly instead of  allowing  political mass movement by violating   lockdown guidelines of their own government in state and the centre, Mina stated .


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