Arunachal: seize arms, take legal action against those involved in hunting- Rebia

Seize all arms and take legal action against those involved in the hunting and killing of wild animals- Nabam Rebia, Minister, Forest, Arunachal Pradesh 


Minister Environment, Forest, and Land management Nabam Rebia , today directed the officers of district administration to seize all arms and take legal action against those arm licence holders who are found to be involved in the hunting and killing of wild animals in Arunachal.

Nabam Rebia was addressing a huge gathering of the local people, GB and youths at Sangdupota on the occasion of mass tree plantation and awareness programme organised by the All Bassarnallo Youth Association (ABYA) in support of Department of Environment & Forest, Banderdewa Forest Division.

Rebia said that there have been two world war for supremacy and other issues  but the third world war may takes place in the name of ‘Water’, the source of water on earth is getting disturbed by the human being in the name of agriculture, settlement, construction of infrastructure and also destruction of catchment area by the people for their wants and needs.

Around two hundred rivers and their  tributaries  of state have been so far dried and the people of those area who were totally dependent on those rivers have to face a great difficulty. Due to disturbance of catchment area even in urban area, there have been acute problem in getting drinking water supply at source. We have to protect and preserved these source of water otherwise we have to face lost of difficulty in near future.

It have been observed that there have been mass destruction of forest for jhum cultivation, road construction and other purpose  and for the balancing of ecology we have to think  ourselves, said Rebia.

He advised to the people ‘Keeping in mind the Global warming, we have to protect flora and fauna, natural vegetate, and wild animals with a commitment to save the mother nature and earth for our existence’.

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We have to go alongwith the nature with love otherwise there will be nature fury and we will destroy ourselves and the responsibility will lie on us,  Rebia said.

Earlier due to lack of awareness among the local people and village in remote and far flung area the people have been involved in lots of activities in destruction of nature, killing of wild animals , forest fire, killing of water animals by using of chemicals.

But now, all such person will also not be speared and requested the village elders and GBs and youth leaders to check such activities and report to the administration and created  more awareness for protection and preservation of environment, forest and its species for our good health and longer life.

Referring to the public demand Rebia assured to post Range Forest Officer (RFO) at Sangdupota by July of this year,  two forest watcher will also be engaged from the locality on contract/contingency basis. He directed DFO Banderdewa to prepare estimate for construction of RFO Office and his resident and check post at Tadar boding etc immediately so that it would be considered by the government at the earliest..

Principal Secretary and Principal Chief Conservator of Forest Omkar Singh attending the function as guest of honour said that there have been a need to assimilate ourselves  for the cause of global warming and for the cause of protection of mother nature which include plantation, forest cover, different species of wild animals and others. Global warming is now matter of discussion around the world and even if our state contribute major oxygen as well as greenery and having large parts of state with forest coverage we have to get ready to save our nature and our existence.

He emphasis on banning of use of plastic in the society and encouraged for more and more tree plantation in and around the village and roadside and school area.

Referring to Green India Project Singh said that in its 2nd phase we shall take up schemes for plantation in and around schools for which the village, panchayat and district level committee shall be involved and the proposal need to taken up which would be sent to Government of India for consideration. While assuring all support for protection of environment and Forest he requested the officers of the department to organise such plantation scheme even in bigger way in other parts of state.

PCCF (P & D) Dr. Rabindra Kumar in his speech emphasis on shifting cultivation without destruction of mass forest coverage. He discarded the forest fire for want of cultivation and appeal the villagers to go or shift to horticulture and other allied activities.

PCCF (Wildlife & Bio Diversity) Dr. R. Kemp emphasis the need of change of habit of tribal from forest and wild animals meat to others for safety of wild animals and appeal for conservation of ecology and bio diversity for healthy environment and protection of forest and wildlife.

Additional PCCF, R. K. Singh claim that the department will not tolerate on wanton destruction of forest and there have been several advertisement through mass media and locally for protection  of wildlife and forest. The imitative of the Minister Nabam Rebia will go a long way and encouragement of the department for organising of such mega plantation activities in various parts of state as a mission.

Former All Papum Pare District Students Union (APPDSU) President and ABYA executive Member Nabam Simon while highlighting the motto of the programme for involvement of all stake holders in the plantation and the imitative would be launched in other parts of circle soon.

DFO Banderdewa Neelam NIdo briefed about the activities in regards to the plantation activities in his jurisdiction and said that several such porgramme have been checked out in the current year and appeal the masses to support and cooperate.

Papum Pare Deputy Commissioner Incharge Tadang Bodung, Upper Balijan former ZPM Gollo Takam, Pakke Tiger Reserve RFO P. V. Rana among other also address and share their views and suggestion.

The team of dignitaries also take part in tree plantation programme where in more than 1000 different species of plant and trees were planted.

The team members also inaugurated a check gate at Tadarboding constructed by the ABYA which later be utilised and managed by the Forest department to check the illegal timber and other forest product and wild meat trafficking and smuggling etc.

Senior civil officers, HODs of the district, students leaders from ANSU and other also attended the plantation and awareness function at Sangdupota.

The gathering on the occasion take pledge for protection of forest and wildlife and as many as signed the board as a pledge for life for save environment and mother nature.


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