Arunachal: Security in Dirak Checkgate enhanced after rising COVID Cases in Assam

Namsai-  Security in Dirak Checkgate enhanced after rising COVID Cases in Assam. No one,  even armed forces will allow to enter  Arunachal Pradesh without Institutional quarantine.

Subsequent to detection of a COVID – 19 positive cases both at Dibrugarh and Tinsukia district, the Namsai district administration has issued an executive order to all those who is going outside and returning in the district even in the same day should go for mandatory institutional quarantine and will be released as per Standard Operating Procedure ( SOP ).

“All drivers and helpers engaged in ferrying essential commodities to Arunachal from Dirak Gate are also directed to wear Masks and Gloves flouting the rules will be prohibited to enters the Gate”, the order asserts.

While extending holistic support to fight against the COVID Pandemic, Jummum Ete Deori MLA Likang made available adequate stock of PPE, Masks, Gloves and Sanitizers at the CHC Mahadevpur, PHC New Mohong and other 4 (four) sub – centers of the circle. She has also donated Rs 1 Lakh to the EAC office to fight against the disease.

Meanwhile, the administration also registered 2000 people including student returning from different other part of the states. “Out of which 315 had already undergone mandatory quarantine. The returnees were segregated on the basis of green and red zone. About 13 (thirteen) designated quarantine centers are made available to facilitate comfortable stay.

One COVID – 19 care centre at Mahadevpur for those suspected COVID cases in returnees of Lohit, Anjaw and Changlang.

For Namsai returnees District Hospital has been demarcated as COVID – 19 care centre”, informs NL Naam EAC Likang.

“Dirak Gate a gateway to four district including Namsai, Changlang, Lohit and Anjaw, person for returning Arunachal are being screened thoroughly, RT-PCR test for returnees made compulsory, proper sanitization and other obligatory SOP are maintained.

We have also heightened our scrutiny to those people and Armed forces entering Arunachal after COVID cases detected in Tinsukia and Dibrugarh.

We are also working around the clock to receive the returnees and even manage vehicles to carry them from Dibrugarh and Tinsukia up to the check gate, the EAC further tells.


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