Arunachal: Schools should not open before August 31- All stake holders

Itanagar-  In a consultative meeting all stakeholder unanimously agreed that the schools in Arunachal Pradesh should not open till 31st August 2020, prior to which the State Government  should devise clear Cut SoPs and other preparations should also be worked out like building up infrastructure, providing furniture for social distancing, water supply, availability  of mask, sanitizers to the school etc.  In the meantime, the State Govt can look for alternative activities like home assignments etc. to keep the students engaged.

The Deputy Commissioner Itanagar Capital Region  Komkar Dulom convened a consultative meeting with the parents/ CBOs/ Student Unions/ Various associations/ Principals/ Headmasters of various schools/ colleges etc to discuss the matter of reopening of schools and colleges in view of COVID-19 pandemic and also to seek suggestions of every stakeholder in the matter.

All the stakeholders unanimously agreed that the State Government should not propose to start Schools till 31st August 2020. They stressed that prior to opening schools, the State Govt should develop modalities and devise clear cut SoPs.

The parents also expressed similar emotion that the State Govt should first work out the modalities for a safe environment giving priority to health and hygiene and then only should think of starting schools.

Heri Maring, General Secretary NES stressed on the need to have proper awareness in the school amongst the teachers and the students to remove any kind of fear psychosis. He informed that NES in a meeting with the Home Minister earlier had already submitted representation wherein they had agreed to re opening of schools with proper SoPs.

Jummar Kena, i/c Headmaster GUPS Barapani urged on the minimization of syllabus for this academic session in the line of CBSE.

The Principals of Dera Natung Govt College, Rajiv Gandhi Government Polytechnic College, Don Bosco College also placed their suggestions wherein they informed that Online classes have already been started.

James Techi Tara, President, Arunachal Pradesh Private School Association informed that a survey was conducted wherein the feedbacks of parents were taken which he highlighted had mixed reaction from parents.

Meje Taku, Vice President AAPSU stressed on the need to have an Expert Committee comprising of all Stakeholders and to prepare SoPs and then have consultative meeting before deciding on opening of schools.

Kani Nada Malling Secretary General APWWS  also stressed on the need for proper awareness.

Dr Kabak Tamar, Urban Health Coordinator Itanagar also reiterated that schools shouldn’t open in hasty manner. He also highlighted the other aspects especially concerning health sector like sanitisation, Mental aspect of students, COTPA Act etc.

During the meeting, many also informed that online classes have been started in many schools but not with much success.

Also, few recommended that if schools are started, they should be in staggered way on the basis of fulfillment of SoPs. The Govt. Should not rush in to open all schools in one go.

Also taking opportunity of the meeting, the DC Highlighted the current situation of COVID-19 pandemic and informed that all the returnees are completing their mandatory quarantine period at the Quaratine Centres and only after assuring that their tests are negative, they are sent for home quaratine. He urged everyone not to raise issue on those undergoing home quarantine and further urged the stakeholders to become public vigilante by monitoring them at their respective sectors.

He also appealed all the stakeholders to cooperate with Administration in this fight against COVID-19 which can only be won through collaborative effort of every individual.

Altogether, 26 representatives from various organizations attended the meeting.

The meeting was convened in compliance with the state Government’s order regarding reopening of schools and colleges in Arunachal


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  1. Primary & middle schools to be closed this academic session… There will be more open place for higher students. .Salary should not stop for Contract teachers under SSA .

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