Arunachal: Road safety week celebrated with Traffic awareness campaign

As a part of Traffic awareness campaign on the occasion of Road Safety week, state Police team was seen distributing red rose with the traffic safety vouchers to the commuters .



29th Road safety week being observed by the people and the most important that the state police were literally involve for its success in different parts of state and mostly seen in Papum Pare district.

Since almost all schools are on vacation,  All  Police Station in the district headed by OC’s organised street education at their respective areas.

SP Tumme Amo , Dy SP Yupia Dr N Nega also organised street education on safe driving at Khola Camp Naka on Tuesday.

They distributed traffic guidelines and educated them on various aspects of safe driving like wearing of helmets, use of seat belts, no mobile while on wheels, no drunken driving, etc  and requested them to share these guidelines among their friends/relatives through social media.

At Doimukh  special drive was conducted to check black films and such films were removed from about 100 vehicles.

The traffic safety week was observed on theme  “Sadak Suraksha, Jeevan Raksha”  ( Road safety, life safety).

At Naharlagun the police team led by SI Balkar Singh was seen distributing the traffic safety vouchers to the commuters with a red rose to remember the traffic rules on road.

SP (Traffic) Tujo Karga inform that Arunachal Pradesh road and traffic safety cell is organising several programme cross the state with include drawing competition among the students, distribution of pamphlets, safety guide, organising of pubic meetings, awareness programmes, display of hoardings, banners etc.

He said that road safety  Protects Life. safe Road, save lives, secured road, Secured life, safe driving save lives.

He also said that  a little negligence on a road can cost one’s precious life and appeal all vehicle drivers as well as road users to remain alerts and be careful on road and save the precious life of others.


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