Arunachal: Read and decide, it is road, river or drain



The above picture is of a bridge located between Jully and Chimpu over river Sinkey. The bridge look like a big drain or a small river  due to rain water accumulated on it.  Pedestrian got fear while  crossing the bridge.  

The local people of Jully and Chimpu area demanding immediate repair of this abandoned  bridge located between Jully and Chimpu over river Sinkey.

Few two wheeler passerby said that it is very unfortunate that ”  the  rain water continuing  accumulated on the bridge,  It cause a major accident ,  if it is not repair immediately.

However PWD Capital Division ‘B’ Executive Engineer Tarh Gongkap said that he alongwith his officers today have visited the Itanagar-Jully road and the bridge between Jully-Chimpu and find that due to illegal earth cutting and landslide a portion of road near Donyi Colony have been washed away.

While both end point of bridge on Sinkey river need minor repair and have directed his officer to take action.

He said that an estimate to immediate repair near Donyi colony have been prepared while direction have been issued to repair the both end point of the bridge on Sinkey between Jully-Chimpu immediately.


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