Arunachal: Raas Leela celebrated on Sharad Purnima

Pasighat ( By Maksam Tayeng ) – Along with the rest of the country the Raas Leela of Hindu Mythology was also celebrated under Mebo circle of East Siang District where the devotees of Ramanand Bhagwat Sangh performed vigorous hymn and performed Raas Nitya.
Informing about the Raas Leela programme organized on Sharad Purmima in various villages under Mebo areas, Vishwa Hindu Parishad Prant Satsang Pramukh, Ms Meneka Pertin said that, the celebration of Raas Leela was marked with performances of Hymn/Nitya.
The believers and followers of Hindu religion, Ramanand Bhagwat Sangh from the local community performs such Raas Leela on Sharad Purnima every year. As per sources the celebration of Raas Leela in this region will continue till 24th November 2020.
In north India, Sharad Purnima is popularly known as Raas Purnima. In the Hindu Mythology, there is a story of Raas Purnima from the life of Lord Krishna. According to the story, it is believed that during his human incarnation on earth, Lord Krishna used to play raas (a traditional folk dance) with Gopis, his female admirers in Vrindavan, Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh.

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