Arunachal: PRC issue Closed, it should not be politicised- NPP

NPP stated that the PRC issue has been closed and it should not be politicised, party also distanced itself from the protest outside the Raj Bhawan.


The National People’s Party (NPP) has distanced itself from the protest outside the Raj Bhawan by the combined opposition parties on Saturday demanding the resignation of Chief Minister Pema Khandu for his alleged mishandling of the PRC issue.

Talking with Arunachal24, over telephone  NPP spokesperson Nima Sangey Saling  said that  that, once  the govt through a gazette notification has announced  that the ” Govt will never take up the PRC issue”   then the PRC chapter should be close.  But now the Congress and other political parties are politicising the issue.

The truth is that ” Once congress also supported the PRC . The one man JHPC headed by APCC president Takam Sanjoy also gave his report in favour of PRC, copy of which are also circulating in social media.  not only that,  during  his recent visit in lekang, Takam sanjoy  also demanded the issue of PRC before the election, The video of the same is also viral in social media.   But here in Itanagar  Congress is opposing  just for political benefit.  Nima  said.

“We hold both ruling BJP and Congress responsible for the recent violence  witnessed in capital over PRC issue. Both the parties supported the granting of PRC to non-APSTs. Ruling party wanted to bring this issue to the state assembly and Congress also supported the move. Only when people started opposing, the two parties made U turn.

That’s why NPP has not participated  in  both all party meeting called by  CM Pema Khandu and another called by APCC president Takam Sanjoy. Therefore we have not participated in the protest held outside the Raj Bhawan,” said Nima.


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  1. I smell of you as a bjp agenda instead of NPP ..Why can’t you make a clear stands against the prc. You seem to be so normal about the prc issue. You said so easily that prc issue has been closed now. Ok it is but what about the three youths who died during the fight for the prc.????? You Bastards Do you even care ??? Do you even know what life is Bastards…When same incidents will happen with your family then You will realised…Bastards.

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