Arunachal Pradesh Assembly passes resolution to bring state under 6th schedule

Itanagar:  The Arunachal Pradesh Assembly on Thursday passed a resolution to bring the state under the ambit of the 6th schedule of the Constitution besides amending Article 371 (H) by inserting provisions to safeguard tribes of the state.

The resolution which was moved by state Parliamentary Affairs Minister Bamang Felix on behalf of the Government, was passed by a voice vote , following a marathon discussion in the House.


Partiticipating in the discussion, Chief Minister Pema Khandu said, “In the history of Arunachal Pradesh this is for the first time for pan Arunachal , keeping in safeguard of all the tribes,  Government has  brought a resolution .”

“We have to work hard as the journey is very tough. We have to keep our point and views in a proper way before the Government of India. The resolution that we are sending to the Centre that is aspiration of the people of the people of the state,” Khandu said.

Stating that it is a long time exercise, the CM appealed appealed to everyone for their cooperation as and when required.

While Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein said, “People will remember us because the Pema Khandu government including the entire legislative members in one voice said that sixth schedule should be included in the entire Arunachal Pradesh .

I again reiterate that article 371 (H) should be amended and inserted with four points proposed to safeguard the tribal people of the sate.”

Ninong Ering, Lombo Tayeng, Techi Kaso, Tapuk Taku, Wangki Lowang, G D Wangsu, Nyato Dukam  and Mutchu Mithi were among the members who have participated in the discussion.

Supporting the resolution Jikke Tako said, “We have to take this seriously.”

Earlier, Bamang Felix, who moved the resolution in the House, said, “This is a historic moment for all of us. Its time for all of us to rise together and univocally voice for the protection of  our land and people.”

“This Legislative Assembly Resolves that the state of Arunachal Pradesh be included in the 6th schedule of the Constitution of India to protect the tribal rights of the indigenous people of Arunachal Pradesh,” the resolution reads.

It further adds, ” This Legislative Assembly further resolves that the special provision with respect to state of Arunachal Pradesh be further strengthened by amending Article 371 (H) by inserting provisions for protection of  religious or social practices of the tribes of Arunachal Pradesh, customary law and procedure of the tribes of Arunachal Pradesh, administration of civil and criminal justice involving decisions according to customary law of the tribes of Arunachal Pradesh, and ownership and transfer of land and its resources.”


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