Arunachal: Passa residential Primary school in Pakke Kessang reeling under flood water

The huge volume of the river has inundated the school building as well as whole campus ....

Pakke Kessang-    The Passa Residential Primary school in Pakke Kessang is reeling under the flood water of Passa river since morning, the huge volume of the river has inundated the school building as well as whole campus and submerged by huge deposition of mud and muddy water of the river.

Pakke Kessang former MLA, Techi Hemu informed that the school ‘Government Residential Primary School Passa Camp was established in 2006–07 prior to construction of Trans- Arunachal Highway-229’. the flow of river Passa were normal to the institution.  But after the erections of bridge pillars as well as construction of said river bridge the already established school had been facing floodwaters in the school for last three-four years.  Hemu said.

Earlier it was decided to shift the school in safer place and social works were also carried out at new proposed place nearby but still to be materialized. Hemu added..

Meanwhile, Pakke Kessang SP JK Lego inform that the area become flood prone after construction of Trans Arunachal Highway (TAH) Hoj-Nichipu Via Pakke Kessang, Seppa etc for last few years. The school building has to face such situation in almost every summer during the rainy season. It is also a reason that due to change in course flow of the river passing nearby the School is affected near the hill slope and bridge.

OC Pakke Kessang has visited the area alongwith Circle officer, no loss of life has been reported, the area is now completely muddy and useless and inhabitable.

When asked about the functioning of the class, SP said that during summer the school authority has to shift the classes in makeshift building nearby and such problems has been facing for last few years.

It is to mention that due to covid-19 the school was completely shut down and may be the reason and was fortunate that no any loss of life was reported otherwise it would be disaster one.


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