Arunachal: NPP launches “Mission Clean Vote”


The National People’s Party (NPP) on Tuesday officially launched a mass awareness campaign across the state themed as “Mission Clean Vote” with a slogan “say no to Money culture” in any form of election in the state.


Announcing this in press conference at press club, NPP, Youth President, Bage Kamsi who is leading the campaign, stated that the motive behind this is to create a sense of awareness among public especially youths  to combat against the prevailing money culture in any forms, then educate them about its adverse effects in the social economic conditions.

Asserting that Role of Money in elections is deep rooted in the political scenario of state, he underscored that it’s time to end this tradition and pointed out towards deteriorating development and political scenario which has  widened the chasm between the rich and poor today.

Kamsi sought support from all citizens in safeguarding democracy while pledging to refuse to participate in bribery in elections to pave a way for a government that is more responsive to its citizens .

 He appealed people to elect those deserving candidates to public office who owe their allegiance to voters rather than to private interests.

Divulging about its preparedness of the campaign,  Kamsi disclosed the campaign aimed at educating especially youths section and targeted  institutions are religious and educational institutions where most of programs will be held.

The NPP  will  conduct  series of public education programe such as seminars, rallies or through circulating short movies in social networking sites,  by distributing pamphlets while involving leaders, journalists, research scholars, social activists etc  in three phase to educate voters.

 “Civil servants, social activists, students  leaders ,  CBOs, Professors , artists , PRIs, NGOs etc  would be invited as resource persons  to deliver  lectures on various issues,” he later informed.

Earlier,  in a meeting which was held on June  3,  2018 it was decided to carry out the seminar cum awareness on the theme ”Mission Clean Vote”.


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