Arunachal: Nabam Tuki demands Modi Govt. to provide accurate Covid death data

Tuki also demands Rs.4 lakh each as compensation for families of Covid victims.

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  • The Central Govt. earlier promises Rs. 4 lakh ex-gratia per deceased, but Modi govt. revises amount to Rs.50,000.

SAGALEE-    A Jan Jagran Abhiyan Padyatra was organised by Block Congress Committee, 15-Sagalee Block from Sagalee to Rach Tabiu on 29th November 2021 as a part of nation-wide mass agitation programme ‘Jan Jagran Abhiyan’ launched by Indian National Congress party from 14th November to 29th November 2021 to create awareness amongst the people across the country against the run-away inflation and price rise which is destroying livelihoods and adding to people’s woes caused by the destruction of economy, deepening recession, joblessness and escalating levels of poverty and hunger.

Nabam Tuki, President APCC & MLA of 15-Sagalee A/C, who led the Padyatra,  in his speech said that the priorities of the Modi government are always misplaced right from the beginning it has been governing on its own whims and fancies. The bad handling of economy by Modi government resulting price rise of fuel and every essential commodities. Demonetisation & the sudden complete lockdown in the country due to Covid pandemic destroyed the rapidly growing Indian economy.

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The result is that the Modi government is increasing the price of diesel-petrol, LPG cylinder and every essential commodities. Inflation has increased in every sector under Modi Government. Around 8 crore Indians dropped below the poverty line in the last 8 years and 97% of household incomes decreased.

He further said that  due to unplanned lockdown, in the country by Modi Government, over 4 crore migrant workers affected and more than 26 lakh migrant workers stranded across the country with an estimated 650 deaths. The Central Govt. earlier promises Rs. 4 lakh ex-gratia per deceased, but Modi govt. revises amount to Rs.50,000.

As per National Disaster Management Act 2005 guarantees Rs.4 lakh per life lost. This is not a gift, this is the right of every Indian. Modi government, which spent Rs.20,000 crore on non-essential project like ‘Central Vista’ is not giving Rs.4 lakh compensation to the families of Corona deceased. It shows how much Modi Govt. value human life and this happen when fascists are in power.

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Nabam Tuki  also demand Modi Govt. to provide accurate Covid death data and compensate families of Covid victims with Rs.4 lakh each. Million of families devastated, millions lost loved ones due to BJP’s mismanagement & failure to control the pandemic. India cried a lot in front of the arrogant BJP government. Congress party will not allow injustice to happen to the families devastated in Corona and will put in every effort to ensure those affected families are compensated with Rs.4 lakh each.

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On this occasion, following three Independent GPC under Sagalee Circle,  Miss Teli  Yatup, GPC, Lerin Panchayat, Teli Kayung, GPC, Rusuk Panchayat, and Mrs Tadar Puri Techi, GPC, Khemlee   officially joined Indian National Congress party in presence of  Nabam Tuki, President APCC & MLA, 15-Sagalee A/C, senior Congress leaders, PCC office bearers, Heads of Frontal Organization & their office bearers, DCC/CCC/BCC Presidents and their office bearers and the party workers.

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