Arunachal: media team continue on educational cum exposure tour to East Arunachal



The 15-member media team which is on an educational cum exposure tour to East Arunachal finished its scheduled visit in Changlang district.

The first day of the visit was to the World war II cemetery located in the jairampur-Nampong road, which contains about 1,000 graves of allied soldiers who died in the Second World War.

A museum was also constructed under the campus and the site is a popular tourist attraction site. The team  also visited one standing bridge and another dismantled bridge on the steel well road which were constructed during Worldwar-II.

From there the group proceeded to the indo-Myanmar Border, where the journalist got the opportunity to see the international trade building.

However, the group could not make it to  Pangsau pass following the closure of the indo-Myanmar border trade route due to the outbreak of Coronavirus.

Next, the group visited a private orphanage school located in Kharsang and interacted with the staff and students.

Earlier in the morning, the media team had an hour long discussion with Nampong MLA, Jairampur, Liasam Simai over various developmental activities taking place under his constituency.

The media team also briefed the purpose of their visit to Eastern Arunachal which was to get first-hand knowledge of issues and developmental activities taking place in the region.

On the 2nd day, the group went to biodiversity hotspot-Namdhapa national park which is famous for being the only park in India to have four big cat species including diverse species of Orchids.

The visit helped the group, to learn more about the flora and fauna including the conservation effort of govt. of India to protect diverse species of wildlife inhabiting the Park.

Pisi Zauing, Editor, The Miao Times also joined the media team on the 3rd day of the tour.

The next visit was to Choephelling Tibetan Refugee settlement camp located at a distance of four kilometers from Miao.

The team explored the Miao Carpet factory run by Tibetan Co-operative Society Limited.

The journalists were all praise of Colorful hand-woven carpets, decorative items that were put up for sale in a retail outlet set up as a source for a livelihood by refugees within the factory premises.

The group later paid a visit to the Kharsang Oil field and held a detailed discussion with Deputy Director, Mines, Geoenpro Petroleum Limited,  Sushil Kanwar and Manager,  SDO Kharsang also accompanied the team during visit to Oilfield.

The team was taken around the oil wells, oil processing equipment by Kanwar.

In a 20 minutes walk around, every aspect of the oil harvesting procedure, production and processing were elucidated making the day-long visit truly educational.

The team will next travel to Anjaw on February 12, where they will visit Dong Village, Wallong the last village situated in China border, etc.

Thereafter, the journalist will be taken to Tezu HQs of Lohit district on February 14 and expected to attend the Tomladu Festival, which is scheduled to begin from the second week of this month.

The tour is led by APC, president Dodum Yangfo and sponsored by Dept. of IPR.


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