Arunachal: Massive soil erosion by Siang River continues

Siang River has already eroded hundreds and thousands hectares of agricultural and grazing lands of Namsing and other villages,

Pasighat- The massive soil erosion by Siang river has increased manifold in recent times leaving thousands of people from Namsing, Gadum and Mer villages under Mebo Sub-Division here in East Siang District including parts of Paglam circle of Lower Dibang Valley and some parts of northern Assam uncertain about their village’s existence and road communication.

The massive soil erosion by mighty Siang River has already eroded hundreds and thousands hectares of agricultural and grazing lands of Namsing and other villages, but the woes and concern of people of these worst affected villages have multiplied as the lone lifeline of the region, the Mebo-Dhola Road (MDR) is on the verge of being washed away. The actual course of the River Siang which once happened to be located kilometers away from the MDR has now left only 5 Mtrs and is likely to be washed away within a day or two.

The department of electricity Mebo Sub-Division has also shifted and relocated 4 poles of the electric line connecting Namsing, Gadum, Mer villages etc with the help of Namsing villagers. The uprooting and shifting of poles from the erosion sites were done on precautionary ground, informed Er. Ajoy Pertin, JE Electrical Mebo Sub-Division.

“The villagers of Namsing were very helpful who helped the department in clearing bamboos and other tall trees stretching around 500 Mtr for the relocation of electric poles so that uninterrupted supplies of electricity continue in those lower villages”, informed Pertin.

Meanwhile, the people of Namsing are gearing up for a community and all religion prayers on the bank of River Siang at this location in between Namsing and Kongkul to offer prayers and conduct ritual performance tomorrow, on Wednesday to nature God.

The prayers to nature God will be offered to stop further soil erosion and save the villages from erosion, informed Bohonto Perme, Gaon Burah of Namsing village. “We have been working on constructing/erecting several flood control voluntary works like raising Porcupine spars by using bamboos, sand filled gunny bags spars, felling trees on the river bank to divert river current etc from last 2 months, but it’s all in vein”, informed Kenedy Perme, former Anchal Samity Member of Namsing village.

However, efforts are still on to save the MDR from being eroded and the department of WRD and others are also helping by pressing in their men and machines on the ground to at least regulate the further soil erosion. As per sources, the department of PWD is in the process of constructing an alternative road for road communication from the east of present MDR if it is snapped. And as per unconfirmed sources, Chief Minister’s Office is also monitoring the condition of flood and its massive soil erosion in this part of Mebo Sub-Division.


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