Arunachal: Man allegedly thrashed by Cops,  SP assures Action


A Man allegedly thrashed by Cops, when he was on the way to get distilled water for scooter battery near Chandni hotel, Naharlagun. The incident took place on Sunday, however SP, Capital complex Tumme Amo assured to take action in this regard.

 A man Ngangram Dade of Down Polo Colony on Sunday alleged that the Naharlagun cops deputed on Naka duty allegedly thrashed him black and blue while on his way to get distilled water for scooter battery near Chandi hotel, Naharlagun.

According to the victim who while showing this reporter several bruises on his back side, claimed that he ventures out to get distilled water as someone told him that garages selling the products open around 9:00 am in the morning.

Things went fine till the time he reached the police barricade set up nearby Chandini Hotel on National Highway (NH-415).

“I step out from my vehicle after Baton-wielding cops stopped my vehicle near Chandni Hotel. But despite all my attempts to convince them about the purpose of venturing out of my home the instead police started charging me of trying to run away, ” he lamented.

Furthermore, the police brought the man to the Police station and thrashed him in the Premises before letting him go.

In a different version of the story shared with SP, Tumme Amo, the SDPO, Naharlagun, Rike Kamsi refuted the allegations .

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When contacted SP, Tumme  Amo said that when he inquired the SDPO Naharlagun Rike Kamsi about the incident the officer clarified refuting the allegations that the police had to brought him to the police station after the man tried to breach the barricade and creating ruckus in public area.

The SDPO also clarified that the police personnel on duty that day found the explanation given by the person as not satisfactory.

The SDPO said that upon seizure of his scooter the man started abusing police personnel on duty and created ruckus in a public area.

” He was taken to PS as he did not stop creating a nuisance and to tame him we had to use force, ” the SDPO in his reply to SP reads.

Meanwhile, a case has been registered at Naharlagun PS against the person for violating the lockdown rules.

Action will be taken against the cop for bringing disrepute to the efforts of all others. Capital SP said when he was contacted.

Whatever the reason may be but beating and using force is not the solution and everybody should obey the nationwide lockdown order in the interest of the welfare of the people to fight against the Coronavirus (Covid-19). SP Amo added.

Direction has already been issued to all officers and jawans not to use excessive force for normal issue. I have issue necessary direction to Naharlagun SDPO to identify the jawan and initiate action against the said jawan. SP Amo added.


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