Arunachal Lockdowan: 14 person detained, 15 vehicle seized in capital complex


The capital police on Wednesday reported 73 instance of the violation of lockdown and booked them,  3 case was registered and 14 people detained. The police also seized 14 two wheeler and one 4 wheeler vehicle till the filing of this report.

Talking  to media SP Capital Tumme Amo informed that with the imposition of section 144, drastic improvements have been witnessed and people has been supporting the lockdown. This lockdown has been imposed for the people keeping away from the clutch of Covid-19.

“Lockdown has become very effective after imposition of section 144,” he said. However he did acknowledge that lack of essential items especially LPG cylinder is a huge concern.

“People are somehow managing groceries items from shops located in their respective colonies. Also with start of home delivery of grocery things have become better. But chaos surrounding LGP distribution has to be addressed. People are suffering and this area of concern will have to properly addressed,” said SP Amo.

Further he appealed to the people to strictly follow the lockdown measures and stay at the home.


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