Arunachal: Locals place umbrellas in-front of SBI, Raga Branch to maintain Social Distancing


Raga– How to maintain social distancing….? this is a big question for every one.  But where is problem, there is solution, important is to find out  the solution. After the Alo now in Raga local people has placed Umbrella in front of Raga branch of State Bank of India ( SBI ) with the purpose to maintain social distancing by the visitors.

Around ten umbrellas were placed at a safe distance from each other in front of SBI’s Raga branch on Sunday by Maga clan members led its chairperson Amit Maga. Talking to media, Amit said that few days visited this bank, i have seen that the visitor are not  maintaining the social distancing  to avoid spread of corona pandemic. The reason was weather, some time hard son or some time rain, due to which visitors are unable to maintain social distancing.

Then i have decided to placed umbrella infront of SBI, so that people can maintain the social distancing, after all it is responsibility of all of us to fight coronavirus jointly.

Earlier  Dr Jumge Padu, a COVID-19 frontline worker, has placed around 53 umbrellas in front of Aalo SBI with the help of Kibom Old Age Welfare Society  with the  collaboration with M/s International Diagnostic Centre Aalo.

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