Arunachal; Likha Tejji appeal for proper cultural interaction among the Tani tribes

Kimin ADC Likha Tejji appeal for proper cultural interaction among the Tani tribes for culture peace in the interstate boundary.

Boginadi ( North Lakhimpur ) 

Kimin ADC Likha Tejji who is the President  of Apex Tani Foundation (APTAFO) appeal all the 6 tribe of Tani groups and descendent of Abotani for proper interaction for a homogeneous culture for peace and amiability in the interstate boundary of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.

Tejji who attended the general conference cum election of district students union of Takam Mising Porin Kebang TMPK all Mising  students Union here today as guest of honour  called upon the youths of Mising community to come forward for assimilation of the 6 homogeneous clan i.e. Nyishi, Adi, Apatani, Galo, Tagin and Mising who are the descendant of Abotani.

He said that there has been lots of matrimonial relationships in between these tribes but there has been no effort to strengthen the political and administrative gap prevailing  due to alienation in the name of separate state. Once proper cultural interaction takes place among the homogeneous culture peace and amiability shall prevail in the interstate border.

He appeal the Mising youths to create a platform for interaction program of Nyishi and Misings living in the inter state border under Kimin Administrative jurisdiction  from Boginadi to Dolohat very soon.

He congratulated the new President of TMPK Bijit Doley and General Secretary Anil changmai and others on the occasion.

Among others who accompanied the Tejji are Takio Tugung Kimin Kakoi twin circle youth organization president.  Gida Kakum president AKYWA, Tana Rakesh, Yowa Sama of All Kimin Students Union and other students leaders of Kimin and Kakoi circle.



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