Arunachal: LACRRAC opposes proposed IAF live bombing exercise at LaI Ane Range

Mengio- ( By Gollo Nagu )-    Lal Ane community reserve Area committee (LACRAC)  opposed the Indian Air Force (IAF) is proposed to carry out Live Bombing Exercises at lal Ane Range under Mengio Administrative circle.

Gollo Tadik, Chairman Lal Ane community reserve area committee informed  that- The Indian Air Force (IAF) is proposed to carry out Live Bombing Exercises at lal Ane Range under Mengio Administrative in which, a public notice is being issued by the additional Deputy commissioner, District East kameng, Chayang Tajo, Vide No. CTJ/CIR-78/2020, Dtd. 01.06.2020 in regard yo live Bombing Exercises.

Locals informed  that, “the Lal Ane community reserve Area is a Notified Area of wildlife & Biodiversity vide Govt. Notification No. CWL/D/ 21(93)/2011-12/842-896, Dtd. 17. 03. 2012, issued by the Principal secretary, (Environment & Forest), Govt. Of Arunachal pradesh.

They also said that the IAF has not obtained any consent from the Local public in order to carry out to proposed live Bombing Exercises and no any prior Notice/Circular are being issued through the local administrative pertaining to subject matter in question.

Due to live bombing exercise the villager of the said localities which consisting of more village i.e Tapo, kullung, Paga and Kidding and other nearby villages of mengio area which may likely to be affected, said local people.

out of by such Live Bombing Exercises by IAF, in this regard LACRAC strongly objected against the proposed Live Bombing Exercises at Lal Ane range which such exercises may cause or damage humans life and other living resources and forests produced of the area. Said Chairman LACRAC.

Recently the Botanical survey of India, Arunachal pradesh regional center Itanagar have successfully conducted a field survey at Lal Ane Community Reserves Area (Nyishi Hills) which is 3776 m msl Highest mountain peak of Papum pare district, informed the local resident.

They informed that “The survey program was started from 05 July to 14 July 2020, from Itanagar to Tapo village and then Lal Ane by tracking lead by Rohan Maity, Research Scholar, BSI, APRC, Itanagar along with Gollo Nagu, of  Clean and Green Sagalee and collegians from nearby village under the Guidance of  Gollo Tadik, Chairman- Lal Ane community reserve Area committee (LACRAC)”.

According to Rohan Maity ” It is a storehouse of rich flora and fauna, It has huge repository of medicinal plants, varieties of rhododendrons, plants and pine species and endangered animals and birds with virgin plateau with huge potential for ecotourism activities generating employment for unemployed youth”.

Its vast area, fertile soils and abundant flora and fauna, this area could become a major ecotourism hub. I hope this community reserve forest be conserved by all means as it has the highest peak, namely Lal Ane of the Nyishi Hill range (formerly known as Dafla Hill range) and might be home for many rare, endemic and threatened species of plants and animals, informed Rohan Maity.

Gollo Nagu Managing Director, Clean and Green Sagalee said – The Lal Ane have blessed land of rich pristine and serenity of the natural enchanting land scape, with vast beautiful of catchment areas of rivers , streams, rivulets, hills and Mountains. And local people believe that Lal Ane is sacred Mountain and home to ‘invisible men’ (Mig-Mir) by the local people. The houses-like flat rock formations found in the area are believed to be their houses. It could turn into tourism hub of the state with its numerous features.

I appeal and urge state government not to let it dilute by IAF live Bombing Exercises, said Gollo Nagu.

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