Arunachal: lack of master drainage as the main problem affecting the ISBT- Transport Minister

Lekhi:  lack of master drainage as the main problem affecting the ISBT, stated Transport Minister Nakap Nalo on Sunday who visited the inter-state bus terminal (ISBT) here to review the status.

The ISBT has been facing problems like water logging, deposit of mudslides and deterioration of the structure of main building.

“Soon the tender for the construction of master drainage will be floated. Our concentration now is to construct master drainage as soon as possible,” said Minister.

He said “the fund is available but due to Covid 19 situation the tender could not be floated on time, the department is working with a long term plan to improve the condition of ISBT”.

Further minister Nalo informed that “Two parking lots are coming up in Itanagar. The department is also going construct new offices, boundary wall, entry gate, etc at Karsingsa workshop of APST. The workshop needs to be cleared of eviction. The work progress has been affected by Covid 19,” he added.

Meanwhile the secretary transport Dani Salu informed that APSTS bus and sumo service will resume from Monday onwards. “We are starting the services by following the standard operating procedure (SOP) in view of Covid 19.

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But there are some areas and districts where people have opposed the start of service. We will not start service in such places until the local agrees,” he said. The secretary also stated that passengers can book tickets through online.

APST GM P N Thungon, UD Chief Engineer T Darang, senior officers from Urban Development and APST were present during the inspection of the ISBT today morning.


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