Arunachal: Kra Daadi DC ask NHIDCL to properly maintain road between Yapap Bogu to Meer

Palin: S Miji, DC, Kra Daadi district  has lodged a written complaint with the General Manager (P), National Highways and Infrastructure development Corporation Ltd (NHIDCL), PMU-Ziro regarding the poor condition of the road between  Yapap Bogu to Meer and sought that it should be maintained properly.

The DC said that in view of the dissatisfaction amongst the general public, aired in social media, on the poor condition of road from Yapap Bogu to Meer, the people might resort to obstruction of the road or call a bandh.

The DC said that due to unplanned earth cutting, and shoddy disposal of earth works towards the downside of the road or at the designated dumping areas and also poor drainage system for rain water, the vehicles are stuck at any part of the road due to muddy stretches  throughout.

“Appears from social media that the public may resort to obstruction or bandh call if road from Yapap Bogu to Meer is not maintained for smooth flow of  vehicles movement early, ” he wrote.

“It is required to maintain the road immediately to the extent that vehicles do not get stuck at any place and  no public complaint is received in regard to the flow of vehicular traffic. Ensure immediate maintenance and submit report,” he further said.


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