Arunachal:  joint committee of Brahmaputra Board, PWD, WRD inspects flood hit Mebo Sub-Division

New Delhi need to work on mitigation of flood affects by Siang River keeping strategic angle from China in mind

PASIGHAT –  ( By Maksam Tayeng ) :  A joint committee comprising Dy. Chief Engineer, Brahmaputra Board, Chief Engineer Public Work Department Central zone B, Dy. Commissioner, East Siang District along with Chief Engineer WRD (P&D) and Chief Engineer, WRD WZ made a spot visit of the flood hit areas under Mebo Sub-Division on Friday to assess the overall damages caused by Siang river flood on the left bank of Siang river.

The joint committee inspected the flood hit areas at Sigar, Borguli, Seram and Namsing villages where Siang river caused maximum damages in the recent monsoon flood while washing away portion of Mebo-Dhola road near Namsing village and also near Borguli village where normal communication were affected leading to diversion of road to restore the normal traffic movement. The committee also made inspection to the flood control chain link boulder bund erected at Sigar village side which was also damaged by flood.

As per official sources, the reports of the joint committee inspection will be submitted to the higher authority for further consideration to construct effective flood control measures to lessen the flood affect in these left bank side of Siang river under Mebo Sub-Division which has been adversely affected by Siang river flood since the year of Chinese flood of the year 2000 some 20 years ago.

It is worth mentioning here that the yearly Siang river floods have already eroded several hundred hectares of agricultural land, grazing land including washing away of major developmental works/infrastructures like Educational institutions, roads, electrification, sericulture firms and villages. In fact, these portion of Lower Mebo villages here in East Siang district like Borguli, Seram, Kongkul, Namsing, Gadum and Mer including Sigar, Ralling and Motum villages under Upper Mebo areas along the bank of river Siang have been the one of the worst flood affected areas in Arunachal Pradesh which needs union government’s adequate attention.

Since the river like Siang which flows from Chinese occupied Tibet where chances of China using this major river as a weapon against India in case of any war, the central government need to look this angle also to mitigate the yearly flood problem of this portion of Arunachal Pradesh, but also for the safety of downstream people at neighbouring state of Assam where maximum loss of life and property are more likely due to dense population along the Brahmaputra valley.


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