Arunachal: Jarjum Ete quit congress, but will contest election from Arunachal West

Jarjum Ete cited the decision and confusion of Congress high command in ticket distribution of 1 Arunachal West parliament as she being a strong contender.



In a big political development one of the senior congress party leader and All India Mahila Congress  General Secretary Jarjum Ete quit congress party against the party high command confusion in giving her party ticket to contest the MP election from 1 Arunachal West Parliamentary constituency.

In a resignation letter dated March 15 2019 address to APCC President,  Ete cited the decision and confusion in ticket distribution of 1 Arunachal West parliament as she being a strong contender of the party ticket and the confusion of high command to select her have led to resign from the primary membership as well as party.

Speaking to media Jarjum Ete said that I have finally taken up the decision to quit congress.  Several supporters and well-wishers are requesting me to contest as an independent candidate, since I have created base in the constituency and it would be bit difficult to contest as an  independent candidate and need a platform and banner as well as support structure and till date no decision have been taken to join other party. I am exploring it and several party are in touch with me and will take a decision soon. Ete said.

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I felt to understand that the decision of AICC policy to give party ticket  to former Chief Minister, I don’t want to go for the policy amendment decision and it was better for me to quit party due to lack of time.  This was the fifth time that I have sought support to contest election, I am not against the congress but to contest election I have no option but to resign Ete added.

APCC President Takam Sanjoy while confirming the resignation of Jarjum Ete said that the resignation letter have been forwarded to the AICC and AIMC as she was holding several post in the party. Sanjoy said.

Last six month she said that if Tuki or Sanjoy is fitted to lok sabha she would not ask for ticket, but he suggested and advice her not to seal her opinion only to Lok Sabha but for assembly constituency and she was offered to select 30 Aalo West or 27 Liromoba as second option. ‘I feel sorry’ on her resignation from the party, Sanjoy added.


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