Arunachal: I can feel the pain of people who are travelling through JK TAH- Bamang Felix

Sangram:  “I have travelled through this Joram-Koloriang ( JK )  Trans Arunachal Highway ( TAH ) and can feel the pain of the people who are using this road, stated Arunachal Pradesh Home Minister Bamang Felix. Speaking to press here on Tuesday he also said that ” there will be some difficulties during the construction period.  But once the road will  completed it will benefit the people of two districts including the defense personnel’s guarding the border,”.

Felix informed that a major section of Joram-Koloriang (JK) highway has been re-tendered and work will resume soon. This  whole stretch has been divided into 8 packages, he added.


“The progress of work in package 1 and 2 is good. But for the remaining packages, fresh tender had to be done because of various issues. Hopefully the firms who have won fresh tender will sincerely work,” said home minister.

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Further he appealed to the people of Kurung Kumey and Kra Daadi district to extend every possible support for construction of JK Trans Arunachal highway (TAH). If an obstacle is created by local people the progress of work will hamper. Therefore I appeal people not to disturb when the work resumes,” said Felix. The home minister also said people will have to be patient as construction may take some time.


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