Arunachal: Hamilton bridge of the British era still stands firmly


A RCC cum steel bridge measuring around twenty meter constructed during British era popularly known as : Hamilton Bridge ” is still stand firmly and villagers using it. The bridge is in Namapong circle of Changlang district is being preserved as a monument.

There are two such bridges namely “ Hamilton” on the stretch of steel well road between Jairmapur-Nampong in Changlang district which connect India-Myanmar. One of the bridge located between Jairampur-Nampong is still intact and is being used by villagers of Nampong circle while other bridge located in the Nampong township has been dismantled and a RCC bridge was constructed years back, the local said.

The locals residing in the area said that we are still using one bridge constructed on Namgoi Nallah is intact and we maintain it for our all round utility while the second one which was constructed on Khatang Nallah was dismantled and replaced with RCC bridge. The one which we are still using and other one was build during the World War-II. Both the structure has been a protected monument of the World War-II era reminding both the structure as a protected monument of the region and of the significant part and connecting the isolated place with rest of world since the World War-II. The local added.

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