Arunachal: Govt owned farms will be revamped- Minister

the govt will also encourage farmers especially in the area in and around capital complex.


State government is coming up with a comprehensive plan to revamp all the govt owned farms in the state, said Tage Taki, minister for agriculture, fisheries and animal husbandry.

While reacting to ongoing crisis of vegetable, meat and fish items in capital region following the ban in import of these items from Assam due to COVID 19 pandemic, Taki who also holds portfolio of horticulture department said the agri-allied departments have learn massive lesson and is working out a plan to mitigate any such crisis in future.

“Besides revamping the govt owned agriculture, horticulture, fisheries and poultry farms, the govt will also encourage farmers especially in the area in and around capital complex. If things go as per our plan, we will see definite outcome in near future,” he said.

The minister also claimed that in compare to capital region, the situation in districts were better. “In districts the APMC were very active. They got in touch with the farmers and provided them the markets to sell their produce. This helped to mitigate the crisis and fresh vegetables were available in the market,” he said.

He cited dependency on Assam for vegetable, fish and meat crisis in capital region. “Most of the people in capital prefer to buy vegetables and meat products from nearby markets of Assam saying they get in cheaper rate. Due to this farmers of in and around capital region have got discouraged over the years.


People don’t realize that even if local produce are bit expensive but at least we will get organic or semi organic item. Supplies coming from outside state are not organic produces,” said minister Taki.

He cited similar reasons for failure of fish and other animal husbandry related farming. “Majority of fish supply comes from Andhra Pradesh and everyone knows medicines are used to keep them fresh.

There are hundreds of fish farms across the state and in capital region. But people don’t buy saying local produce is costly. The fish farmers cannot sustain as they don’t get proper price for the produce,” the minister added.

The minister also informed that agriculture department coordinated with district administration following which the vegetables supplies have started coming to capital in the last few days from places like Seppa, Yazali, Sagalee, Tawang, Bomdila etc to capital region.

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He also said such situation might arise again in future too if there is some kind of blockade in Assam and appealed to the people of state to support the local farmers. “Such situation may again arise in future too. Therefore we need to learn to be self sustainable. We should stop depending on Assam and support local farmers by buying the local produces,” said Tage Taki.

The fishery department is arranging supply of fish in capital complex and started selling at Yupia on Thursday and will also sell in other parts of capital complex. We have sufficient stock of food grains, potato in capital complex. He said.

He further appeal all section of society to maintain the guidelines of health department and administration which are fully related to safety so that we can fight against the Coronavirus (Covid-19). He further appeal all to maintain social distancing and remain at home to stay safe.

Earlier Taki has a meeting with all the senior officers of the Agriculture, Horticulture, Veterinary and Dairy Development department discussed various issue and contingency plan in view of the nationwide lockdown. Secretary Bidol Tayeng among other senior officers were present following the rule of social distancing.


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