Arunachal: Flood water of Siang river inundates DEWS’s Jeepghat beat office 

Forest staffs cooking food at watch tower...

Pasighat-  ( By- Maksam Tayeng ) : The Jeepghat Beat office under Anchalghat Range of D. Ering Wildlife Sanctuary ( DEWS ) here has been inundated by flooding Siang River during this monsoon due to which patrolling staffs of the Jeepghat Beat is sleeping and cooking their food at the Watch tower constructed besides the Beat office.

Jeepghat Beat Officer, Orin Perme, Dy. FR said that, the flood water of River Siang is directly affecting the Beat Office after the river bed of the Siang river rose up in recent years which is said to be after the Siang river turned muddy few years ago.

“The massive soil erosion since few years after water level of Siang river rose up due to muddy and cement like river flood in Siang river during  the year 2017-18 which have reduced the depth of the riverbed owing to huge siltation riverbed, has caused large scale erosion of the Sanctuary areas.

The Beat office comprising 4 room unit barrack with a kitchen, 1 Forest Rest House and 1 Watch tower is also likely to eroded away soon as the river bank has came close to the office which is barely 15-20 mtrs away now”, said Orin Perme, one of the DEWS’s most dedicated staffs who was awarded Silver medal by Government of Arunachal Pradesh last year.

As per Perme, a construction of flood control boulder embankment at the upper side of the Beat Office would have reduced the pressure of erosion toward the office premises. If protection measures are not taken to divert the river current the beat office will be fully washed away.

The flooding Siang River has already washed away 3 Watch towers and several hundred hectares of plantation and grassland including Sisu plantation have been already washed away. The major habitats of wildlife, especially the best habitat of rare birds, Bengal Florican are also washed away.


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