Arunachal: Fingerlings Distributed To Revive Farming Economy

Anjaw-  The outbreak of COVID-19 and the resultant total lockdown all over the country has greatly affected the livelihoods of agri and fishing tribal community by increasing input cost, decrease in demand, price and higher transport charge.

Therefore, needed more attention to revive through various activities. Anjaw district has vast scope to rear cold as well as freshwater aquaculture.

In this context, KVK Anjaw promoting freshwater aquaculture by providing fingerlings. Under the guidance of Dr. Manish Kanwat, Sr. Scientist & Head, ICAR-KVK, Anjaw in collaboration with SK Jawal ADF, Department of Fishery, Namsai district.

5000 number of free fingerlings distributed to the fish farmers of Tafraliang village to minimize the disruptive effect on the livelihoods of vulnerable tribal population of Anjaw district.

Mean while Animal Science Scientist Dr. Santosh Kumar, explained pond and fingerlings management and advised to give homemade fish feed prepared by crushed maize, rice bran, rice polish, GNC, mineral mixture and salt to support the initial growth and development of fingerlings.

Naveen Khosiam and Keshab Gogoi has also been present during this said programme. The activity was done under doubling farmers income.


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