Arunachal: Epidemic like situation damaged Cardamom crops, farmers crying for Govt help


Mengio-  The epidemic like situation has damaged large area of cardamom crops in Mengoi. Farmers requested state govt to send an expert’s team to access the loss  they are facing due to  damaged of cardamom crops. Framers  request financial help from the govt.

The Cardamam farmers of Mengio today appeal the state government to send expert’s  team to assess the loss caused due to epidemic like situation in their horticulture fields of large cardamom. Due to this epidemic cardamom  field has been dried  and  farmers are facing huge financial crisis.

Gyamar Tana, a leader  of that area inform that  ” The farmers has been facing lots of problem as they are mostly confined in the circle and due to nationwide lockdown they could not move to the capital to meet the authority”.

He also appeal the government to provide relief to the victims families for restart their cardamom cultivation again.

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