Arunachal: Donyi Polo day celebrated

NAHARLAUGN:  The 27th Donyi Polo day was celebrated at a newly constructed Namlo here at Pachin in Naharlagun on Dec 31, with rituals and prayers were done for wellbeing of humanity.

Addressing the gathering, Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister’s Advisor Tai Tagak exhorted the people of Donyi polo believers to work for unity, integrity, protection and preservation of tribal culture and identity.

Tagak said, “time has come and now everyone irrespective of tribe and community has to rise up and work for unity, integrity and also work for preservation of our diverse culture and protection of our tribal identity.

“Our tradition is our culture” and to preserve it the Donyi polo is a belief and faith which has been practice by the people but need to taken up as a moment for protection of tribal culture, identity and tradition, language and script” Tagak said.


Let the almighty Donyi polo give us enough strength for wellbeing of all community living on earth for its wellbeing. We hope the almighty donyi polo shower blessing upon us for peace, progress, development, communal harmony and brotherhood in days to come.

He further urge upon the state government to declare the December 31st as a restricted holiday.

Donyi Polo Vichar Parishad (DPVP) President Bengia Agung, IMC Corporater Gyamar Tuvin, Gyamar Nima, Tai Tachu among  senior members of society also address the function.

Report of celebration of Donyi Polo day as also received from, various parts of state including Banderdewa where MP Nabam Rebia and other senior members of society attended and take part in day long celebration.


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