Arunachal: crime against women, drug trafficking are major areas of concern- Jimmy Chiram

Itanagar- “The crime against women and drug trafficking are major areas of concern. Also the issue of road safety and traffic will also be given priority,” said Jimmy Chiram, SP, Capital Complex.  The SP further said he will study every problem and try to work out a solution.

Jimmy Chiram,  who took over the charge of Capital SP from Tumme Amo on Tuesday.

Jimmy  said that “ I shall try my best effort to delivered the goods to the masses if the capital dwellers support and cooperated the capital police to make it a better place to live”.

“ everything is possible if all section of society understand their responsibility and help us in better policing for capital region to make it a island of peace and rule of law is maintained in later and spirit”. He said

He appeal all to park their vehicle away from the roadside so that it does not create hindrance and obstruction to others as well as do not disturb the free flow of traffic on National highway or any arterial roads of capital complex.

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“ I shall look forward that I can devote more in capital for better policing services for capital dwellers and see that police deals properly with civilians and hard with criminals and will try not to take hasty steps in dealing with the general public in any sensitive issue, will always work to minimize crime and stop criminals”. He said

 “Will work with cooperation of every department and citizens of capital to bring change,” he added.

He also appeal all people residing in capital complex to maintain Covid SoP and remain safe.


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