Arunachal: Conservation and protection of environment & forest, rivers and spring sought

Poma : We have to conserve and protect our natural resources including flora and fauna, river and spring for a better environment and better future. Said Director Environment & Climate Change, D Dohu Robin.

Addressing the sensitization and awareness programme on community mobilization activities (2nd quarter) on climate change vulnerability of Papum Poma river for conservation and rejuvenation of its spring in the locality. Robin said time has come and we all have to think for protection of forest and natural resource for a better future. “ Nature gives everything to human being and we in reciprocate have to protect its source so that the resource continue to come in time and again”.


Some confusion wich was arising among the locals of the area have been cleared and the IIT, Guwahati intervention has also been sought, a project for rejuvenation has been taken up where 8 villaegs in Sangdupota circle has been taken up, earlier 8 villagers were taken up and the local involvement is sought so that the locals specially Goan Bura/Goan Buri/ former PRI members who are the most effective participants for the protection of environment and forest. He said.

We are taking several action plan to rejuvenate the scarcity of water depending on the gradients, there shall be check dam, trenches, and recharging pits in eight villages oout of 28 villages of the circle which include  Depra, Poma-I, Poma-II, Jullang, Rakap, Khamir,  Moin,  Rilo, this project will help the locals farmers in rejuvenating themselves to tap water which would make the source for other time specially during the winter. The project and plan will the studied properly by the team of IIT, Guwahati and further other such project will be undertaken in future.

He appeal the citizens to plant more trees and avoid deforestation, and do not destroy plant and do not disturb the source of water rather try to protect the environment and forest so that nature loves us.

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Soil Conservation Officer (SCO) and Nodal Officer,.Nido Pubyang, IIT, Guwahati Associate Professor (Hydrogeology) Dr.Suresh Kartha, UV Singh from Sub Mission Agro-forestry SMAF,  Talo Ekka  field officer Soil and water Conservation, .Y Johnson Singh project Scientist, Dohu James Programme officer,  RinchinTsering JRF, Lich Bida Gis expert from Env wing of Deptt among other were present and most fo them share their views and experiences to the villages to prevent forest form fire and deforestation and conservation methods.

Local leaders which include Nabam Rade, Taba Kunia, Techi Tempo, Taba Raja, Taba Rakiang and other also share their confusion, suggestion and knowledge to the visitors which were cleared later on.

The team of the officers also visited few upcoming such upcoming project taken up by the locals in the area.


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