Arunachal: Blood Scarcity in hospitals amid Covid-19 Lockdown

Itanagar- ( By- Manoj Singh ) :  Arunachal Pradesh Voluntary Blood donors, (APVBD), Chairman Ramesh Jeke on Saturday informed that ” there is an acute scarcity of blood across the hospitals in the state capital amid the Covid-19 lockdown was imposed.

 “I have never seen such a blood crisis in my 11 years of service in the field. Our state which was already facing a deficit of blood supply, the Covid-19 lockdown has severely depleted its limited reserves, ” Jeke said.

Jeke stated that the lockdown has led to the shortage in the availability of blood for patients, depending on transfusion as a life-saving measure.

“It is a fact that blood and its components are considered important in medical science. Hospitals and doctors become helpless without a continuous blood supply,” he explains.

In regular times, Jeke said that there are 15-20 blood transfusions done in RKM hospitals, but after TRIHMs was declared Covid-19 hospitals, and almost all patient now diverted to RKMH, the case of blood transfusions has dramatically increased upto 35-40 a day.

In addition, Jeke stated that patients being treated for aplastic-anemia, surgical operation, pregnancy complications, kidney dialysis, etc require large amounts of blood.

He said concerns about congregating at the workplaces led to the cancellation of many blood donation camps in the past.

 “The state’s blood supply is dependent on donors participating in a blood camp.  We have already spent several weeks without any mass blood camp, so you can imagine, ” Jeke underscored.

Maintaining an adequate blood supply is vital to public health, Jeke appealed all especially healthy to come forward and continue donating blood to save precious lives at in home camp.

The volunteers of APVBD currently camping  at RKMH campus so anybody willing to donate blood can either contact NGO helpline number or go to spot directly.

Meanwhile, RK Mission Hospital, Secretary, Swami Vishweshnanda said that the medicos are the seal during the fight against Coronavirus (Covid-19) and anyone who wanted to donate blood for the humanity and to help other can personally come to hospital and the medical fraternity will always there to support and acknowledge it.

Secretary said that in view of extension of nationwide lockdown the RKM Hospital OPD is also going resume with only 20 patient of each department and the main motto will be uphold the main guideline of social distancing and wearing of mask is compulsory.

He however emphasis all to wear mask and maintain cleanliness in and around the resident and always maintain social distancing so that we can defeat the Covid-19.


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