Arunachal: Bamang Felix calls Coordination meeting with CBOs on Covid-19

The Social Media which is main source of disseminating information to the masses should be used holistically.

Itanagar-  Arunachal Pradesh Home Minister Bamang Felix has called a coordination meeting with CBOs  and discussed the present situation arised due to Covid-19 pandemic. 

A coordination meeting with Community Based Organization (CBOs) headed by Arunachal Indigenous Tribes Forum (AITF) was convened by the State Government on 1st June, 2020 at Pare Hall of D.K. Convention Centre, IG Park, Itanagar to discuss on the present situation and the road ahead in the wake of COVID -19 pandemic management in the State.

The meeting was chaired by Bamang Felix,  Minister (Home Etc.), Arunachal Pradesh. He informed that the main objective of convening this meeting is to inform the stakeholders specially the CBOs about the action taken by the Government so far and to take a view and suggestions from them for the road ahead for preparedness in containing the spread of Corona Virus Pandemic in the State.

He further stressed for cooperation from all quarters  in educating the people and erase traditional negative stigma to the virus carriers/infected patients and to refrain from attaching regional (or) communal tag through ‘IEC and Awareness Programmes.

The Social Media which is main source of disseminating information to the masses should be used holistically. Rumor mongers and fake information in the social media leading to chaos by any person shall be dealt strongly by the government, he supplemented.

Towards self-reliance, the Government is planning to encourage in the agriculture, horticulture, Fishy-culture and veterinary sector, so that we need not import and dependent on neighboring states for essential items in future as lockdown has given us good lesson of our dependency for every essential items of survival, he added.

Felix, has expressed gratitude on behalf of  Chief Minister and the State Government to all the Participating CBOs for active and voluntary participation in the trial time of the Government in managing the situation created out of discovery of this new pandemic virus which was unknown to a   till recently.

Earlier, Commissioner (Home), Kaling Tayeng has highlighted the situation and position of the State in Covid – 19 pandemic management in brief followed by power point presentation from the detection of 1st Covid – 19 patients in India on 31/01/2020, lockdown 1.0, state preparedness thereafter and status of Health Deptt. and its preparedness as on date by the Secretary(H&FW),  P. Parthiban.

Bengia Tolum, President, AITF while speaking on behalf of all Federating CBOs under AITF has assured the support and cooperation of all CBOs to the State Government in containing the spread of Corona Virus in the State.

He suggested making modalities for involving the CBOs by the Government to fight jointly against this pandemic in the State. He further requested to draw proper SOPs before a decision is taken to open the educational institutions in the State. VP, AITF, Shri Tarh Tabin, General Secretary, NES, Heri Maring Also spoke in the meeting and placed their view points.

Chukhu Apa, IGP(L&O), Ravindra Singh Yadav, IGP(Admin), Dr. M. Lego, DHS, Dr. L. Jampa, SNO, Mrs Mamta Riba, Jt. Secy(H&FW),Dr. E. Rumi, Jt. DHS and representatives of federating CBOs under AITF attended and participated in the meeting.


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