Arunachal: APYC protest on PNB fraud issue


Arunachal Pradesh Youth Congress (APYC) today staged dharna and protest in front of Punjab National Bank (PNB) branch at Ganga demanding arrest of all accused involved in the multi crore fraud  which is ruining the several banks of the country.

Holding banners, shouting slogans ‘bring back all fraud person back to country and recover the amount’. ‘Money belongs to we Indian’, Banks are not safe as bankers are being cheated and central government is not arresting the accused and let them free and they need to be arrest and bring back to country and take action as per law of land they demanded.

While addressing the media APYC President Geli Ete said that inspite of knowing several fraud in several banks of the country amounting to 41,000 crore which is a public money is a warning for  the central government led by Narendra Modi even after information by the Punjab National Bank official and let the fraud person left the country and enjoying his life abroad is a matter of great concern for common people.

Several businessmen have cheated the country and taken away millions of public money  could not be arrested even after issue of non bailable arrest warrant.

The central government is unable to make a breakthrough and able to arrest these money thief Vijaya Malliya-9000 crore, Mehul Choksi-12700 crore, Nirav Modi-11400 crore, Lalit Modi-1700 crore. Jatin Mehata-7000 crore.

He allege that the bank maintain a minimum balance of Rupees Two Thousand if it get even minimum the bank deduct our money but the so called multi crore thief are freely living outside country and central government is keeping silence.


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