Arunachal: APPSCCE continue, aspirants protest, 105 detained

qualified aspirants boycotted its main’s  APPSCCE,  continue to protest, 105  detained by Capital police. 


Where the prelims – qualified aspirants boycotted its main’s Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Combined Competitive Examination (APPSCCE) , out of 1339 aspirants around 800 candidates appeared in both King Cup Public School and at APPSC center.

The candidates resolve to boycott the ongoing examination together, as the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) on Friday night has notified to conduct the said examination according to scheduled date from 10 – 20 November.

The aspiring candidates assemble at King Cup Public School from 6:30 am onward and sit for peaceful protest, which was tried to disperse by the police but crowd remains there. Subsequently, the police dispurse them  using water cannon.

Capital SP M Harsha Vardhan inform this correspondent  that some candidates who have qualified prelims resorted to protest at the main entrance of King Cup school exam centre. Magistrates and police personnel request them to leave the place, but they continuing protest. Then, water cannon was used to try and disperse them. When they still persisted, attempt was made to push them back from the main gate of the exam centre but students were resisting a lot so we stopped. Finally after a lot of efforts, we convinced them to court arrest.

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105 persons were detained and later released around 4pm. However no case have been registered. We are sensitive to their concerns but they must also understand that they should not directly or indirectly obstruct the exam process. Vardhan added.

Sources said that In the later part of the examination at APPSC center, observing the gravity of agitators outside more than 188 aspirants walk out of the examination hall voluntarily,

 “What kind of examination, we are writing for where there is no proper and conducive environment,” said aspirant who appeared the first day of examination. They are not criminal why a teenage student was beaten and use water cannon against them, are they criminal? Questioned aspirant.

There is no clear cut judgement on the matter and we are mentally not in a position to sit for the examination, said another candidate.

Stating that most of the aspirants has appeared the examination out of their age factor and parental pressure, many candidate declared to join in the boycott protest from Sunday. Another aspirant said.

Civil service examination is the highest examination of the state but today we did not feel like we wrote for civil service, said candidate.

The sources also inform that one and half hour was extended for the candidates to get in for examination, here also commission had intentionally break set rules for conduction of examination, said candidate.

When approached to the secretary APPSC Taru Talo said that while conducting the same examination commission are doing for the larger interest of the aspirants.

On being asked why commission could not postpone the examination till the High Court did not dispose of the matter, he said court has given verdict as pleaded by commission.

When asked about the exact numbers of candidates appeared in the examination, the officials from APPSC could not provide the same figure other than in percentage which is 67%.

The entire chaos and confusion among the aspiring candidates erupted when the High Court on Friday last had given a verdict stating that examination to be conducted as per the scheduled but result to be keep in sealed cover which would be subjected to outcome of the writ petition filed by other group of petitioners.


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