Arunachal: APDA urge upon state government for early solution of their long pending grievances


Itanagar: The Arunachal Pradesh Doctors’ Association (APDA) highlighted various pending issues submitted earlier in form of memorandum to the state government which are yet to be resolved and lying pending at various level with the government.

Addressing the mediaperson here in a press conference at press club today, President APDA Dr. Emi Rumi listed the issues of Non-Practicing Allowance (NPA) to the serving doctors, appointment to various posts in the health department as per seniority list and fitness, holding of timely Direct Primary Care (DPC) and the benefits of ‘three time bound promotion’ under Dynamic Assured Career Progression (DACP) scheme to the serving doctors, De-cadre of District Health Society (DHS) post and engagement of unskilled contingency staff against the doctors, appointed after 2008 is still long overdue.

Dr. Rumi urged for immediate release of NPA instead of rewards/awards as recognition for serving the state especially during this period of pandemic.

Till today, the state doctors have not received the ‘three time bound promotions’ provided by the state government under DACP scheme which is against ‘fourth time bound promotion’ issued by Govt. of India on 3/10/2018, he added.

On promotions and appointments have been done, Dr. Rumi said, “It should be done as per relevant Central Health Services (CHS) rules and as per the seniority list”.

While replying to a query, Dr. Rumi said that the recent Chief Secretary’s press conference is a timely and evident press conference for the development of all the districts health infrastructures as well as overview of the health scenario in the state.

“There was ‘plan of action’ which could not take into a good shape for development of health sector but now the ongoing pandemic has given the lesson to develop the health sector with logistic supports and manpower”, Dr. Rumi said.

The state government is now focusing on the development in health section which is a good sign and is in the greater interest of the public health. Dr. Rumi added.    ‘ we tried to meet Chief Minister on Thursday but may be due to busy schedule we have submitted a memorandum in this regard’. He further said..


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