Arunachal: APCC opposes Govt decison to allow labourers to enter the state from out side

Itanagar:  Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee ( APCC ) has opposed govt decision to allow the labourers to enter the state from out side, stated Mina Toko, Gen Secretary, APCC  in a press statement.

Referring a video clip surfaced in social media, showing large number of labourers from Covid-19 affected neighbouring states are allowed to enter in our state when COVID19 trajectory chart of our own state is on rapid  rise ” , Mina said .

Further she stated that ” Such relaxation will not only risk lives of netizens but it will  also create burden on state in terms of machinery, resource mobilsation, manpower , finance and health impacts”.

 And on  other hand, the labourers coming in to the state  may also succumb to inadequate health care response ,if any causality related pandemic arises since our state government  is incapable in disaster/Pandemic management, Mina alleged in her statement.

Bringing  labourers in large number from outstate without proper arrangement is not acceptable . It clearly exposes how the state government  is paying more importance  to completion of so called money minting private and government projects  than  hunger, poverty,   loss of livelihoods and household  income of poor.

Mina also stated that, ” Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC)  vehemently condemn , the failure of State government in dealing numerous  crisis emerged out of  Covid-19   pandemic”.

There is shortage of quarantine centre in the state  and  required  facilities in existing  State Quarantine Centre is inadequate.

The local returnees and  netizens with positive cases are  at  vulnerable condition  as there is scarcity of  beds in COVID19 care centre,  health and hygiene of the patients are at risk ,   diet and treat ment of the affected are not upto the mark as reported.

The nature and the course of COVID19 in the state is  changing as  frontline workers and service institutions  are under threat. Hospitals , Banks, Police Station are shutting down as COVID19 positive cases among frontline workers and service providers are rapidly  increasing  in compare to civilians.   It is  not far that  the state may run out of manpower and netizens will be left vulnerable, the release said.


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