Arunachal: APCC expresses shock over missing of  five Indian Army Porters

Itanagar:  Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) In statement issued by Mina Toko, General Secretary, APCC, expressed shocked and  surprised  on why State government is silent on the missing of  five Indian Army Porter since   3rd September 2020 from  ‘Sera 7’  area along the MacMohan Line under Nacho Administration,  Upper Subansiri District.

As reported the missing porters  were with the Indian Army and went towards the LAC  for hunting during the night  but have not returned till date. The villagers and relatives   claims abduction by Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) as such incident  had taken place earlier, Mina stated.

APCC questioned –

why there is no official report issued by the  Local administration, Indian Army and State Government about the  missing porters and their where abouts.

Why the State govt have not undertaken search operation so far, prompting  the locals to take support of Social Media to raise the issue?

 Why and what was the reason that  the porters were  allowed to go for hunting towards LAC late night  without any reservations from the Indian Army?

Why there is no case register officially on missing of five porters so far?

China have been continuously executing aggressive activities  disrespecting MacMohan Line . Reportedly there is increased presence of PLA in Anjaw ,Upper Siang , Upper Subansiri ,Dibang Valley and Tawang Districts. The available satellite images also shows the PLA incursion inside the  State. In 2017,  China have constructed road inside Indian territory in the Upper Siang district. In 2019 , PLA built  2 km long road and constructed wooden  bridge inside Anjaw district and  often patrol freely, the statement said.

Further Mina stated that “China is definitely developing infrastructure  inside Indian territory which is matter of serious concern but no official from state and central government  have  assessed the severity of the situation  or  willing to assess.  China has become habitual offender  not only to Ladakh but to Arunachal Pradesh by creating serious border standoff very often”.

The State and Central government is  not in readiness and  on operational alert  for the tensions occurs on the border frequently which proves that Our Prime Minister has  not taken the Sino-Indian  border issue seriously .


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