Arunachal: ANSU reacts over dress code circular prohibiting traditional headgear during formal event


The All Nyishi students Union (ANSU) today strongly reacted over a dress code circular prohibiting traditional headgear during formal event. The order recently issued by Department of Administrative Reforms. ANSU demanded immediately issue of corrigendum.

Charu Okam Assistant General Secretary of ANSU said that, we have serious objection and displeasure on the  circular issued by Administrative Reforms Department secretary Juhi Mukharjee  where is has mentioned a special reference regarding the adorning of headgear during formal events.

A memorandum has been submitted to Chief Secretary in this regard either the department revoke the circular, modify the contest or issue corrigendum within a day, Charu said.

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Adorning head gear is symbol of pride and is a part of our cultural identity. The state  government investing huge amount of money for the preservation of cultural identity and to practice the same, which is degrading today. instead of encouraging the same, the ANSU leader said.

He further suggested to issue circular to all tribal officers  and asked them  to adorned their traditional attire during formal events like Independence day, Republic Day etc.

Confederation of Service Association of Arunachal Pradesh (CoSAAP) President Patey Marik inform that though there is a need of dress code for all employee including the officers but our state being inhabitant by more than 75 % of tribal population and practice several traditional activities. Wear traditional dress and attire and ornaments which are the symbol of our traditional value and deep rooted cultural value and ethos of the society. the circular issued need to be modified and necessary correction is immediately needed before it hurt the sentiment of the indigenous population.

CoSAAP Spokesperson, Tage Grayu while said we are known by our tradition and culture and will never accept such circular which have no respect for our tribal identity and urge upon the state government to immediately modify the order in the greater interest of the employees of AP Civil Sectt.

Official order is to be followed by everyone but it should also not touch sentiment to masses as well. Grayu added.

Meanwhile, Minister Cultural Affairs & department of Indigenous Affairs, Taba Tedir said that dress code is necessary for all like students and employees and civil society and is a good gesture, but in this case there is need of some modification and some rectification is also needed in the said circular. I have discussion with the officers of Administrative Reform department and instructed them for issue of corrigendum so that it does have any controversy and touch sentiment to any tribe and community of state.

The said circular was actually issued to check wearing clothes of go as you like in the official places and AP Secretariat being the premier institution and there is a need of a dress code for the officer which will enhance the decorum and decency among the employees and officers. Tedir added.

However the dept will cored the error made in the circular. Tedir further added.

Administrative Reform Department Secretary Juhi Mukharjee clarified her stand and said there is nothing to go against any indigenous tribe of the state. it was to stream line the dress to bring streamline in office decorum and some official awareness on the dress and attire. There was nothing to hurt anybody sentiment and feeling and apologized and there was no any intension at all and a corrigendum is being issued in this regard. She said.

Upholding the culture and ethos of Arunachal Pradesh and the people of Arunachal Pradesh is always going for prime interest and lauded for bringing the error and is being rectified.

A corrigendum was later issued by the Department of Administrative Reforms for ‘ dress etiquette for government officer’


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